the dying leaves; love song

"Nine... Ten! Grandma, grandma! I'm coming to find you!" Emelie shouts out to Ava into the quiet air. Her loud voice brewing from the depths of her tiny lungs, echoes into the home. Her girlish giggling brings warmth to the heart of her grandmother, Ava, who is hiding in a closet waiting for the moment … Continue reading the dying leaves; love song


the dying leaves – pt 5

-- I couldn’t actually believe I was actually here in this room right now. I didn’t know if it was out of disbelief or that I that I had finally walked through those doors and committed to what I said I would do. The warm complimenting two tone espresso colored walls, the soft plush of … Continue reading the dying leaves – pt 5

99 Days

I remember the moment that I looked up my 2014 horoscope and reading what it said for the year. It said how my year was going to be a bad one and how it would change drastically.. but I never thought it would be spot on. It's been 99 days since my brain surgery. That's … Continue reading 99 Days