twenty seven lessons

Winter, 2003: I was thirteen years old. My best friend was sitting next to me in the back seat of a Mercedes-Benz, and in the front seat sat two men; aged in their 20s. It was one o'clock in the morning and over fourteen years ago, yet, I can still remember the cracks, tears and … Continue reading twenty seven lessons


from praying hands to your heart

Dear Holy Spirit, Jesus, Dear GOD: I fell and when I fell I know you all heard the sounds of a body hitting the floor. I know you all saw the clutter inside my mind get tossed about. I know you saw felt my discomfort as I stayed on the floor, trying to pick up … Continue reading from praying hands to your heart

Monday night turned into Tuesday Morning..

A Cerebral Angiography.. also called a Cerebral Angiogram.. is an invasive procedure performed in Radiology, in which a doctor inserts a long catheter through the artery in your groin. The doctor snakes the catheter through your system, with the help of a camera on a screen, until it reaches the destination artery in your neck where he … Continue reading Monday night turned into Tuesday Morning..