the dying leaves; last breath

I was in the dining room as I shouted "Dinner was great ma" to her. She was in the kitchen and I was still finishing up dessert in the dining room. I had a large piece of the dessert I had always asked for: vanilla cake with no frosting. I overheard mom yell back, "Happy … Continue reading the dying leaves; last breath


eyes in the mirror – 2

“Brittany, remember the color blue,” three nurses surrounded me as the strobe lights immediately stopped flashing, all lights in my room came on, and I felt my body tense up, as if I had turned into a snake. “Brittany what is today’s date?” - slowly, I spat out, September 13. “Do you know the year?” … Continue reading eyes in the mirror – 2

5 months

I was laying down with Ricardo, staring at the clothing hanging in my closet when I realized that while I have improved so much, I still have that loss of feeling that is strongest in my right leg. It was Saturday evening.. We had just come home from a lovely dinner when Ricardo had asked … Continue reading 5 months

Monday night turned into Tuesday Morning..

A Cerebral Angiography.. also called a Cerebral Angiogram.. is an invasive procedure performed in Radiology, in which a doctor inserts a long catheter through the artery in your groin. The doctor snakes the catheter through your system, with the help of a camera on a screen, until it reaches the destination artery in your neck where he … Continue reading Monday night turned into Tuesday Morning..