the dying leaves; last breath

I was in the dining room as I shouted "Dinner was great ma" to her. She was in the kitchen and I was still finishing up dessert in the dining room. I had a large piece of the dessert I had always asked for: vanilla cake with no frosting. I overheard mom yell back, "Happy … Continue reading the dying leaves; last breath


potent power

You see sometimes the lack of love, or the lust that we believe love to be, is so powerful that it truly takes over the control of an individual. You see it in the acts of rage that are highlighted in the news, you see it in the person who can't control the bouts of … Continue reading potent power


My grandma started crying when I stepped inside the living room. She said she had prayed non-stop for God to give me the strength to walk through the front door of her home. 10 days felt like an eternity. It felt so nice to be back with her, my cat, and my comfortable bed. It … Continue reading Anger