eyes in the mirror – 1

“You will have a mandatory paper due in which; You will write a reflection of yourself of a moment that forever changed you.” I began to feel a light headache form as I started searching through all memories I held close within me. As I walked to my next class, I gazed at the concrete … Continue reading eyes in the mirror – 1



Man, woman, human, whatever, whomever. I felt like I was staring at a brick wall when I sat there and I heard those words saying 'It is ok to feel like you should forgive' Yeah I knew that why am I sitting here to have you reassure me when I am assured in myself? Forgiveness is … Continue reading hurt


It's not a problem to have a problem. It's a problem to have a problem and not be open to finding a solution.    "What are you going to be using your new laptop for ma'am?.." "...Writing. I love to Write." Three months, countless MRIs, CT's, Medication increases, Added Medications, New Diagnoses, Handfuls of ER … Continue reading Tangles