love letters


Her lips;
sat parted with no emotion.
Her eyes;
glaring cold condemning all thee.
She spoke;
a thousand leaves kiss earth below.
She cried;
‘und’r the far hence willow lies mine own affections.’
Her lips;
part again gently.
Her eyes;
wander among thee.
Her voice;
sighed beneath her breath.
Her angst;
furious as ever.

I felt the goosebumps begin to stand on your skin,
forming hills, mountains, barriers.
Can it be true that the end has passed
for two lovers like us?
I begin to speak,
you silence me without hesitation;
I begin to dream,
you paint reality within me;
I begin to pray,
you begin to walk away

Speak softly of our circumstance
Warm your hands before embracing me
for the final time
Reflect back into me the eternal love we shared
reveal to me the emotions I seek to understand
I search for passion left in the warmth that vibrates between us
I am weak; Am I weak?
Tears fall forming glass roads
emptiness revealing itself within the glossy lines
As we part
I hold within me our moment of bliss
Carry with you the memories of bliss

The leaves crushed beneath our feet
As we ran together
Cold air chilled the depths of our lungs
As we chased the endless horizon
We fell to our knees; filling the air with laughter
You filled my iris with hope of an enchanted tomorrow
Together we rose, together we ran.