Behind The Screen

Writing fiction, non-fiction and poetry, Brittany Salazar focuses on capturing emotion felt in every day life while translating that emotion into stories that are readable and relatable. Archives hold snapshots of her life as a stroke patient, while her recent fiction work, The Dying Leaves, deeply describes aspects such as love, relationships, abuse, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. She is thankful of those who visit her page, and thankful of the debilitating experiences that she is happy to share with the world.


Brittany Salazar;

Published Writer and Storyteller located in Texas
The Tangled Ones; established in 2014




7 thoughts on “Behind The Screen

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m a fourth year medical student on the path to become an oncologist. I think sometimes physicians get really caught up in medicine and forget about the people. I want to be an oncologist for the people. Thank you for letting me witness your medical journey and learn how to become the best doctor possible.

    • Mostly headaches. Consult your doctor, a CT can show an AVM. It’s also very rare that AVM’s burst like mine did. People die from natural causes, most AVM’s are found in autopsy. So don’t worry 🙂

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