the dying leaves; through her gleaming eyes

Dedicated to a remarkably intelligent young woman whom I have the honor to attend the same college campus with.

okay so i have my pencil and my pen and then I should probably go and wash my hands and OHHH i need to go return that book because today is the due date and speaking of booookk…. i should ask Mrs.T about that paper, and oh hey..

” Hey Britt, did you finish that paper essay for comp two?” 
-” Hi Anna, yes I did but I need to get clarification about how long our sentences should be on our summaries, I would like it to be correct as possible hehe,!”

hmm.. yeah the summaries are due today “Hey Britt now that you’d said something I am going to ask Miss T and I can double check for you it’s no big deal.” oh i should take in my book and then i can run to the library real quick before class starts

-” Thanks Anna, I would appreciate that, that’s helpful of you.”
” yeah like I said its no big deal Ill be riiiight back…. ”
okay what time is it now twelve thirty four, NO, thirty six okay got it.

I really never had any issues so I guess I came to school, I mean college and things are going great, i take a few ap classes my biology class and labs at 11 and i take general psychology and she isn’t ap and i take that at 3 and a couple others. The teachers sometimes tell me that I should be a little more quiet and I think I talk out loud a lot, it’s kind of what my mom tells me on the farm but most things I say are helpful thats what the teachers say. My mom is nice is what they mean, she’s a nurse at a clinic here, yeah and every time we get sick or pa gets sick, which he gets sick a lot. last time he got sick he got the flu and he had to go home and when he goes home he gets sent home from work and he works as a professor at a school and yeah they send him home cause he doesn’t need to get the kids sick. he’s a chemist, he’s been a chemist for a long time or as long as i can think back to. I remember when we did an experiment, it was a science experiment by the way and we tested the acid in pumpkins and we did that at the pumpkin picking festival which was way cool. I really like being out there. it was like being at the farm, and we have horses, we have a mare and she is my favorite and we have a young mare her name is august and my dad, the teacher, got her for me as a gift. it was a total surprised but i was happy. we had to go all the way to arizona to get her….

In a way Anna, you and I aren’t different at all. We like to communicate in our own language. You have an amazing memory recall that I would love to experience for myself, and me, I have a way of creating scenes with words. Every semester I have had the honor of being in at least one of your classes, which is nice because you are an honor student and I have learned so much from you. What you have taught me is that you in fact have a message. Wether your message be hidden somewhere in the lengths of sentences you deliver or in the silent way you work, your message is always a gift that I am thankful to hear.

Dear Anna,*

Wouldn’t you know that you have helped me understand why I want to go into the field I have particularly chosen. You have helped my patience grow without even speaking more than a weeks worth of time to me personally, though I have been listening to you speak ever since I enrolled on campus.
I thank you personally for being you and only you. For bringing your horse to class; for wearing a genuine smile; for having a signature look; for your kindness you willingly give; and for the ambition you have.
When I first enrolled on campus, I must admit, I felt completely lost. I had no direction, I enrolled just to please someone who wasn’t even in my life, then, a gift from God fell upon me and the more I spent time shadowing you, the more I understood how much I would love to understand more than I did then, and now.

You have opened up my eyes to a completely different person within me, or maybe I should say, you have brought back the person that I have been trying to find for countless years. I am saddened that there are a handful of people who don’t understand you or don’t or can’t give the patience to understand you.. but just know that I’m here, and I hear everything you have to say.

Your stories about spring break, your stories about your weekend, your stories about your animals, and most of all your stories of you.
Autism does speak, and Anna, I am listening. 



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