from praying hands to your heart

Dear Holy Spirit, Jesus, Dear GOD:

I fell and when I fell I know you all heard the sounds of a body hitting the floor. I know you all saw the clutter inside my mind get tossed about. I know you saw felt my discomfort as I stayed on the floor, trying to pick up my own spirits, trying to find happiness within me. In a beautiful way I prayed for not the comfort of the warmth of a hug from you, but the obstacles of more pain.

I in fact stayed on the ground;
and lost the ability to converse effectively.


Conexion San Angelo; 2-28-12

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 5.24.58 PM

Alcadio Barron – Conexion San Angelo
Alcadio Lived A Full Life – Standard Times San Angelo
Alcadio Barron Contribution – SanAngeloLIVE!

Dear Alcadio – TheTangledOnes


Dear God; I thank you for the ability to connect with the reality of the world around me again. I thank you for the fact that I lost the ability to speak so fluidly with my mouth, so I do everything I can to paint my reading audience a picture with my words. I thank you for the fact that I am somehow able to see a picture from someone else’s eyes, and the only way I can do that is through the ability that you give me. Without you, I cannot write.


The Power Of A Smile – Standard Times San Angelo

The Power Of A Smile – Standard Times San Angelo


Dear God; I thank you for my humility. For my genuine bursts of laughter, for my genuine moments of sadness, and for my genuine heartbreak for feeling that sense of heartbreak for others. You gave me a childhood I will never forget, and always be thankful for. You gave me moments that built me, and never broke me. I share my pains, and my happiness to express that our sadness and trials in life are not an expression of your anger but a building of what our character can become, and with that, I rose to become such a loving person. Such a giddy individual. Such an artistic expressionist. And someone who trusted in what God had planned for me next.



Sell Me The Pen – Standard Times San Angelo

Sell Me The Pen – Standard Times San Angelo


Dear God; I thank you for the opportunities you gave me. I thank you for offering me a chance to walk through a door, I thank you for my thoughts and my patterns of thinking. I thank you for my missed chances and I thank you for what I could’ve been, should’ve been, and what you are teaching me now to have me thinking in a forward motion. I love my world, my self, my worth, and you for the bits of pieces we think we are and are not because they are all purpose. I do not doubt, I accept; I do not fear, I am gracious; and when I am weary, I know in my heart you will be there guiding me down a path that will teach me wisdom, strength, and love.


Solar Eclipse Aug, 21 2017 – Standard Times San Angelo

Solar Eclipse Aug 21, 2017 – Standard Times San Angelo


Dear God; I looked beyond the waving trees with my Mother and saw beauty in the skies. We felt the breeze of your land and took in what you gave to us. Bittersweet beauty, the awe of your phenomenon. We gazed in disbelief with my grandmother through a welding hat to view your moon shield the sun. I felt my body shake, it’s a wonderful world, it’s a beautiful life, I thank you for moments I hold and capture, the ability to love the peace you bring. Your land is a land I soak in to my heart and love graciously.



Star Image Dentistry – Wichita Falls, Texas

Unleashing The Power Of Your Smile – Star Image Dentistry


Dear God; Thank you for continuing to give me the words to connect with others. I am blessed, I am gracious, I am honored, I am speechless, and every single time I see or hear someone mention an article; I am floored. I tear up with love that you fill me with. I can’t express the emotion that you bring into my life, but it’s pure joy, it’s uplifting, and I continue to write with the expression and passion for life that you have reignited within me.





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