dark sky

I couldn’t see with my eyes but I saw with my heart where I should have gone all along. I was headed toward a land where I was filling my mind with promises of false hope when in that moment of darkness my mind pulled my heart where it needed to be. In that moment, my mind shoved my heart into the right direction that day whilst the commotion went on about the dark skies.

I opened my eyes, always with the same courage to feel as if I had seen myself as not as a failure, but as an opportunist, taking in my experience as lesson of understanding and a reason to understand why we are who we are. I soaked in the graying smiles, I reenacted the false happiness. I understood what it was to truly be unhappy with a life surrounded by foulness when I awoke from a moment of brief solitude underneath my God’s blue sky.

So I stand, whole heartedly looking back on the memories I have made, writings on the wall, pictures of the past, and future to fulfill. Pains of my present are forever kept with me but in silence as I no longer discuss the details with those among me. We, he and she went north south and west and so I say it all for the best. So I say, may you find the comfort in your life as I continue to silently sit about the peace in mine.


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