skipped markers.

Today, I was reading about a woman, Malala, was 15 years old when she was shot at close range in the head and neck. Didn’t die. She lived in the mountains of Pakistan, and grew up wanting to be a Doctor, instead, she became an International Public Speaker, and every city she now visits, she gives a speech and talks about how important education is for everyone.

Welcome to my Public Speaking class.

Had I had to read that one paragraph outloud, I would have become teary eyed. I would have struggled. But I would have found strength in her story. Malala reminds of the years of people who have had struggles and go and find peace in the world. Who get up and carry everything with them that had ever held them before and find the solace within those bearing weights. With all the lack of recognition, lack of respect, lack of commitment, lack of support, there are people like Malala, who saw her attack as a way to reach out to world in a positive light.

I never want to miss the opportunity to be involved and I want to remind people to never stop believing in yourself or the people around you. Never give up on the things you truly want and if you want it, go for it. Medicine is Medicine. God is GOD. Whats there to make you stronger is put in place as a lesson. Stay focused on the finish lines.


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