For You.


This entry is dedicated to all of my readers, both old, and new.



You know, when I first started writing my blog, this blog is where I have come in the past to reflect on what I go through in my life with my stroke related illness. It’s where I came to share what happened inside my very personal hospital room and inside the home of mine and Ricardo’s. Going back and really thinking why I wanted to do this, I wanted to show people that there was nothing to be afraid of, that, stroke, or any other illness, whatever it may be, could potentially knock me flat on my face. And it did. That my stroke or anyone’s other illness could break us down and beat us until we were blue.. but that we were always going to get back up.. and continue to fight. I wanted to share that with whoever was going to read, if they were actually readers out there… because honestly going into this, I wasn’t expecting to get any sort of response from my blog or my writing. I wasn’t expecting people to comment on what they thought or asking when would I be releasing my next entry. When I actually started receiving those responses,.. that’s when I really stopped and thought to myself, you know what, I am so glad that I actually followed through with putting the blog page together.

This blog has come from being just an update on how my procedures went from growing to more a story of where you come to read on how my life has been changing and seeing where it has ended up in real time. Literally from the details of the night of the stroke to the pictures of me ending up sitting alone at bar tops at restaurants contemplating who I was as a person.. life for me, you’ve seen and read, hasn’t been easy figuring out. But I’m doing it. This blog is one of those things keeping me together, plus my good friends who have stood by my side. This blog is becoming more than just  me and my stroke blog, but me sharing my journey through life, and I am proud to share that journey with everyone who is actually taking the time out of their day to read it, whether it be to support me, or be to simply hate me for placing what truly happens in my world on the internet for everyone to see. I am proud of every single one of my words and every single situation that I have come out of a stronger person, and that’s ultimately why the blog has morphed into the blog that is it today. I am proud to share those moments with everyone, I want everyone to see that.

To date, I’m global. I am global….and I say that as humbly and with the biggest shaky voice from the shock and widest smile that I could possible have… and looking at my current chart and it actually have filtered out all the spam (LOL, I made sure of that), it absolutely thrills me, it shocks me, it floors me, it stuns me.. I’m absolutely speechless that my words on a screen have touched that many lives and have hit the screens over that many countries around the world. I never thought that my tiny blog would somehow have any sort of effect on anyone’s lives outside of my tiny world in my tiny town of Texas, but it did and it has… and I can’t believe it. You all have absolutely made me one of the happiest people on the face of the Earth.. Everyday as that count goes up, my smile somehow gets wider.

Thank you, and thank you again, Words simply cannot express how thankful I am for the fact that you give your time to my one entry. You are my motivation to write, My motivation to share my moments. My motivation to take my experiences and turn them into words on the screen. My motivation to take the sorrows and turn them into strengths. My motivation to find the happiness in all the confusion, and the motivation to continue fighting to get out of the hospital bed, so that I can come home, and write yet another blog entry. Thank you.


Global Readers


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