Promises and Problems

After the heat of the moment, comes the cold realization for both parties that, in order to be in a successful relationship, there must be compromise from both people.

We could have promised each other the world that day, we could have said we wouldn’t have ever continued speaking to each other until the day our souls left the earth, we could swear up and down that we would never cross each other again.
We made promises.. only time will tell if what we agreed on will hold up.. but here in our world we believe that a promise will last beyond a lifetime.

I started a new job at a bank and it’s not anywhere near as physically demanding for me as my job as assistant manager at Pier 1 Imports was. I walk around the bank, the heaviest things I may carry could be a case of quarters, and I hold conversations with people all day. I had, and have no idea why I would come home, begin to relax, and immediately go into my panicked I-need-to-remain-calm-and-control-my-breathing-because-this-could-be-another-stroke mode.

October 28th, 10pm: I had just sat down and I began to put my feet up to relax from my full 10 hour day of tests and training. I was exhausted, and I couldn’t wait to close my eyes and get comfortable and cozy underneath my 3 layers of blankets piled on top of me.. I turned onto my left side, began to feel my right leg become heavier and put pressure on my left leg. It was not unusual for this to happen, and I came up with this crazy theory that whats happening is my brain is tilting to the left side of my body, so that puts pressure on the areas that haven’t quite healed from the craniotomy and its creating this phenomenon sensation that sends the same Im-Having-A-Stroke sensations throughout my right side. I do not panic when this happens.. but this time, it was different. Much different.

5 minutes later I suddenly get hit with these intense butterflies. The room begins to feel as if it is closing in on me and my neck begins to tingle up to my ears and through my skull. I felt my tongue lifting to touch the roof of my mouth and as that’s happening, I notice that I was creating an excess amount of saliva. My entire body began to tingle and I immediately felt cold. I felt a sensation run through me like I had just received a strong dose of morphine, the feeling was so uncomfortable for me that I could never forget the symptoms I feel from it. It always made me uncomfortable. I felt like I was high, I was tingling, and I thought that my throat was swelling up and was going to close shut. 5 minutes passed, and I began to experience all these emotions, from frustration to anger to fear.. all washed over me as if I could not differentiate what my emotions actually were. 15 minutes passed.. I began to feel as if I was drunk and then, nausea and a sharp headache kicked in. Absolutely terrified of what was going on, I called the only person who would answer. Ricardo.

It took 5 phone calls to wake him up.


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