Home away from home.

"Let me know if you feel any sharp pains." The doctor began to cut into the skin behind my ear and my biopsy began. I had waited 3 weeks for this appointment and had many nerves from a CT Scan that showed MANY swollen nodes in my neck. I didn't feel anything, but I did … Continue reading Home away from home.


In the meantime

I woke up at 8am and got ready for an incredibly important appointment. My biopsy. The, do-I-have-lymphoma-or-not biopsy. The phone rang, and it was Ricardo calling..¬†just to make sure I was awake, which I was, I hardly slept at all the¬†night before. I spent at least an hour on the #Lymphoma tag on Instagram, trying … Continue reading In the meantime

99 Days

I remember the moment that I looked up my 2014 horoscope and reading what it said for the year. It said how my year was going to be a bad one and how it would change drastically.. but I never thought it would be spot on. It's been 99 days since my brain surgery. That's … Continue reading 99 Days