Plan of Action

“It is unusual for your lymph nodes to still be swollen 9 weeks after your surgery..” My oncologist said. I had already had a couple of appointments with him and the swollen glands in my neck were not decreasing in size. You could say I was worried, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to hear what he told me next. “Your thyroid labs look great and there is no evidence of your thyroid cancer returning.. so at this point I would like to perform a biopsy to check for Lymphoma.” I was not expecting it. I was a little surprised and just a little more worried, but I never disagree with what a doctor wants.. so we scheduled 4 more appointments and I left the cancer treatment center to head home.

I was off for the day and waited 2 hours for Ricardo to get off of work. I was sitting at my laptop, sorting my medical records so I could file them, when it hit me. Everyone I had spoke to or seen while at appointments or in the hospital all told me the same thing.. “You’re so young to be going through so much.” I wondered how many other people are out there, 23 years old and younger and seeing multiple doctors for multiple things. I wondered if it was normal or if it was just something that happens when you don’t get your yearly checkups. I wondered if its common for people to have so many different diagnosis’s or if I am just a person who is unknowingly used to being sick.

I looked up at the clock and realized it was time to go meet Ricardo.. I turned the key to start my car and I wondered how he was going to take the news.


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