So far, so good?

I thought I was going to pass out while I drove through heavy traffic to the doctors office. Hearing “Come to the office right now, the doctor wants to see you immediately” doesn’t leave the best impression on you. I had an enormous headache and was so tired already, so I did not have the energy to have patience towards the receptionist who kept messing up my name and insurance information. She made me go through 2 floors just for me to come back into the office, just to be sent to the main clinic that closed in 10 minutes. When I returned to the office I was pissed and it was written all over my face and attitude with her. I was not sorry.

I was moved into the room as soon as I came back to the office from labs. I sat in the room and tried to figure out why I was called to come in ASAP. I hadn’t had any abnormal labs, and so far my visits seemed like they were going well. I was puzzled. The NP came in to take down all my symptoms I had been experiencing since my last ER visit. Swelling, Headaches, Bruit, more numbness than usual, dizziness, and my lips had randomly began to swell and burn. The nurse came back with a block of information and a booklet that had medicine in it. First things first, I was being switched from Dilantin to Vimpat, and was told to stop taking the Dilantin immediately. She began to tell me that the doctors were having trouble diagnosing me and understanding why I am having all these abnormal symptoms, so thats why the “Dr. is sending you to UT Southwestern in Dallas, to be seen by a team of specialists and we are going to have that appointment booked for the end of the month.” I also got the date for my 3rd Arteriogram.. and I made sure that I made it very clear that I needed plenty of pain and anti nausea medication given to me before and after the procedure. I remember how painful it was and how Ricardo wanted to do everything he could to make sure I was as comfortable as possible.. from pushing my hip, pulling my leg, shoving pillows underneath me.. all memories now. I got my new appointment dates and left the office at 6pm.

I was dragging myself back to my car when it hit me.. I was going to end up spending my 24th birthday alone at the huge Dallas Medical Center.. I knew I wasn’t dreaming, and I knew things were going to become a lot harder.


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