I had just received the ok to go ahead and get ready to be discharged from the hospital when I started to think about time. It consumed me. I changed into my clothes and left the hospital within an hour. I did the math in the car, it was going to be 720 hours until … Continue reading Time


Third times a charm

I had hit the snooze button on my iphone 4 times before deciding to actually get up and get ready to head to Day Surgery. The clock read 6:20am. Today was finally the day of my third angiogram. This was to follow up on my surgery for the removed AVM and hopefully, tell where any more bleeds … Continue reading Third times a charm


Being sent to medical professionals in larger cities has always ended with more bad news in my family. It was confusing to me, because I didn't feel sick, I had CT's that were ok, but I experience the most odd symptoms that doctors say are abnormal. I don't know where this road is going to lead … Continue reading Memories