I basically ran into the 2 level clinic smiling. I had waited almost 4 months to see this doctor in internal medicine who had accepted to treat me for my past thyroid problems. The day had finally come. I signed in and was instructed to head straight down the hall… I almost stopped when I saw the large, bold sign..


I slowly walked down the hall towards the chairs that were in the lobby. I was surrounded by people in their 60’s and up, who stared at my wobbly leg and secretly wondered if I was there for “Infectious Disease” treatment. I was a little humiliated. I quickly sat down, smiled, and picked up Forbes.

It took the nurse 20 minutes to call my name, and I daydreamed the entire time while I waited. I wondered if Dr. J. would be kind. Would he be old? Would he have patience with me or treat me differently because of my visible tattoos? I looked up to notice the older people and patients in other areas of the clinic try to secretly stare at me. It’s not like I looked sick, I just happened to be in a section that also had a phrase synonymous with things like Aids, STD’s and H1N1. I was instantly relieved when the nurse called me into the doors that lead to the private rooms. Finally, away from the judging eyes where I could relax.

As soon as I sat down on the table the nurses facial expression went from relaxed, to worried. She shut the door and began to say all the usual things I hear from hospital staff.. I am so young to have gone through all this within 5 years. “That’s half a decade” she said. She wished me the best and began asking me the standard “why are you here” questions. I am at the doctors so often, that it’s given me the ability to explain all of my diagnoses’s I’ve received flawlessly. “You’ve had opportunities to practice all that, haven’t you?” She said. I laughed and after a while, she said her goodbyes and exited the room.

The doctor came in and I thank God so much, because HE placed another kind doctor in my life who truly cares about my health and makes it a priority for me to be treated, regardless if I am ready for it or not.  Health comes first. Here’s how it went.

The loss of sensation in your right side is more than likely going to be permanent. You’ll get used to that over time, many patients do. I am also going to send you to a specialist for your swollen glands, Dr.__  in Oncology, and get you in to be seen by him by tomorrow. I also need you to have Lab drawn and before you leave, stop at the receptionists desk to have an appointment scheduled with me for next week. If you need anything else let me know as soon as you think of it. Do you have any questions?”




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