Moving Forward

It had been 3 weeks before I got a call back for my appointment. I woke up at 7am, 2 hours before my first rehab appointment. I was so excited that it was finally the day when I would start strengthening my weak side. Sitting in the lobby I thought about the promises I made to myself about being more active, enjoying the outdoors more and making more time to appreciate my mobility. Today was the day that I would be given the tools to move forward. 

I daydreamed while I waited for my name to be called. I knew my speech, writing and thinking would improve with time but I knew that I needed physical therapy. I knew I couldn’t move well, I knew I couldn’t walk well, but I knew that I would do whatever I needed to do to get back to working out the way I used to except this time it would be I had a different goal.. I wanted to run. 

I remember laying in the ER, looking at my leg, trying to move it, silently talking to it and asking it to respond… nothing would happen. I gave everything I had to move only my toes, but stopped myself from pushing it any more after my ankle had a spasm that sent an EXCRUCIATING SHOCKING NERVING PAIN through my leg and hip. Ricardo and my dad tried comforting me while I cried, my Dad thought my tears were from the pain, but Ricardo knew better. He knew I felt defeated, but he also knew that I would never give up. 

That was the weakest day of my life.

“Brittany? You’re next.” I snapped back into reality and got up to walk towards the door.

I was told at the hospital that I would need all three Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy, so you can only imagine how I felt when I was told that all I needed, was Physical Therapy. I had conquered so much, the good news let me know that I was in fact getting better. 

I finally felt strong again.



2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. I know you are a strong person and you can overcome this difficulty. you are so lucky that you were able to at least go back to work. may I know where you work? I feel like we are one and the same. I am a Store Manager of a Starbucks store for 10 years when the avm ruptured. I have stopped working because until now 5 months after my bleed I still cannot walk and move my left arm. I actually can walk with a cane but my arm doesn’t have any movement at all.Everyday I daydream of the time when I will be “normal” again if that will ever happen.

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