I basically ran into the 2 level clinic smiling. I had waited almost 4 months to see this doctor in internal medicine who had accepted to treat me for my past thyroid problems. The day had finally come. I signed in and was instructed to head straight down the hall... I almost stopped when I saw the large, … Continue reading Curveball.


Moving Forward

It had been 3 weeks before I got a call back for my appointment. I woke up at 7am, 2 hours before my first rehab appointment. I was so excited that it was finally the day when I would start strengthening my weak side. Sitting in the lobby I thought about the promises I made … Continue reading Moving Forward


I'm going to say it. With love or not.  You've waited all week to watch a new horror film but you know its going to end up the same way that all of them do. You're another person in the theatre with your popcorn and everyone freezes in suspense as they watch a girl on screen, stay in the … Continue reading FED UP.