My grandma started crying when I stepped inside the living room. She said she had prayed non-stop for God to give me the strength to walk through the front door of her home. 10 days felt like an eternity. It felt so nice to be back with her, my cat, and my comfortable bed. It … Continue reading Anger


Road to Recovery

The angiogram the next morning did not go so well. I had already had 1 performed, pre-surgery, and I was expecting the same painless procedure this time. It was nice to see the familiar faces, they complimented my incredibly tangled and bloody hair as a joke and it definitely got a laugh out of me … Continue reading Road to Recovery

Monday night turned into Tuesday Morning..

A Cerebral Angiography.. also called a Cerebral Angiogram.. is an invasive procedure performed in Radiology, in which a doctor inserts a long catheter through the artery in your groin. The doctor snakes the catheter through your system, with the help of a camera on a screen, until it reaches the destination artery in your neck where he … Continue reading Monday night turned into Tuesday Morning..